Who are you?

So many of my coaching clients come to me because they feel stuck in an area of their life: Something doesn’t feel quite right, there is a feeling of tension or unease, and they often report feeling like they have ‘lost their mojo’.

Now this feeling can manifest in any area, be it career, relationships, family, health, or just general wellbeing, but the underlying issue is often that we have lost touch with who we really are and what’s important to us.

So, how can you start to reconnect with yourself and get under the skin of what really lights you up? Well, one good way to do this is to understand what your values are.

But, what are values?

Values are the things you hold as being most important to you in every area of your life. Literally what you value most. They are the principles that motivate you, that drive you to do what you do, and they often underpin the goals and objectives that you set yourself.

Words engraved on white speckled pebbles - what are your personal values that you live by

Why is it important to know your what your values are?

When you know what your values are, and are therefore setting goals and making decisions in your day to day life that support those values, you are truly living in harmony with yourself. This is what creates a sense of ‘flow’ in your life and leads to fulfillment.

a woman seen from behind hikes along a wall on a hill with arms outstretched with joy - what brings you fulfillment

It is when we live in conflict with our values, that we struggle. For example, the businessman whose highest value is family, but has just accepted a job offer which would see him working away from home four days a week.

Often, if you’re feeling tense, conflicted or uneasy about a decision, or about something that is happening in your life, it can be because there is something about it that directly conflicts with your values. If you know what your values are, it helps you to identify these areas of conflict so that you can make more conscious choices to keep your life in flow.

There are several ways of starting to define what your highest values are – of course coaching is probably the deepest way to get into this – but there are some great exercises you can use. You can click on the values exercise below to discover what yours are today!