Choose Your Values Exercise

A list of values with three ticked - choose your values

Towards the bottom of the page is a list of values: choose the 5-10 which you relate to the most – based on your first gut reaction.

Post-it notes with values written on them, and a lead title of ‘Adventure’ - how to choose your own values

If you find more than ten values resonate with you, choose as many values as are meaningful to you, and write them individually on sticky notes. Then group them into sub-sets where the values seem to share a common feeling. For example, ‘Excitement’, ‘Risk-taking’ and ‘Challenge’ might be in the same group. Then choose one value that best represents this group.

A list of values ranked by order of importance - how to prioritise your personal values

Rank these values in order of importance to you. It’s important to know how you prioritise these. For example, if you know that your number one value is ‘adventure’, but you also have a value of ‘financial security’, you might choose to consciously invest a bit of money into creating opportunities for adventure in your life.

A list of statements describing how you want to live your values with the values picked out in colour

For each of your values, write a short sentence that describes how you want to live this value in your life, using positive wording like: ‘I choose’, ‘I honour’ ‘I am’, ‘I do’, ‘I will’.


The Values List

A list of Values - A to M

What next?

Now you have found your top 5-10 values, keep a copy of them somewhere you can check in with them on a regular basis, as life flows more smoothly when your day to day decisions are in congruence with your values. Perhaps write them on a nice piece of card with coloured pens. Where you feel any conflict or difficulty with a decision you are making, it is worth revisiting your values to see if there are any of your values that you are out of alignment with.

Also remember, some values are there for life, but others can surface for a short or long time depending on where you are in your life and what you are going through. It is worth revisiting your values from time to time to see if you need to tweak them.

The sun sets through a silhouhette tree against a pink and purple sky - live life in alignment with your values