choose your values exercise

This exercise allows you to understand what your values are. Values are the things you hold as being most important to you in every area of your life. Literally what you value most. They are the principles that motivate you, that drive you to do what you do, and they often underpin the goals and objectives that you set yourself.

When you know what your values are, and are therefore setting goals and making decisions in your day to day life that support those values, you are truly living in harmony with yourself. This is what creates a sense of ‘flow’ in your life and leads to fulfilment.



Rate the Areas of Your Life Exercise

This exercise lets you rate how you feel about all the different areas of your life right now, to help you discover where the biggest opportunities are to bring more fulfillment into your life.

If you were to try and answer the question: ‘how is your entire life going right now?’ it’s pretty overwhelming, right? So instead, we break it down into ten different areas that allow you to reflect on how you feel about each one in turn, and give them a simple rating.

This gives you the clarity to be able to choose which area you want to address first, and to explore that in a bit more detail to help you get really clear on next steps.


a meditation to soothe your soul

This is a meditation for those times when you need a little space and calm in your life. It is led by Sarah Blondin as part of her Live Awake series, and you can find more of her meditations on the free app: Insight Timer, available to download on your phone.


Uncovering Your Self-Limiting Beliefs

We all have beliefs about ourselves that we carry round with us. These beliefs largely determine how we feel, what we think, and ultimately how we act.

Whilst we are aware of the things we say and do, and how we behave, it is often harder to know what the beliefs are that are driving our behaviour, because they are rooted deep in our subconscious.

This exercise allows you to mine for what the beliefs are that underlie our actions, by accessing our feelings and thoughts.