Reviews: what people have said about coaching with me...

With the support of Anne’s remarkable coaching I’ve been able to uncover some major life blocks, make real progress towards removing them and achieving the life changes I set out to. Anne created a calm and safe space where the more challenging issues could be explored with compassion, she instinctively knew the pace that was right and the support that was needed to keep me moving forwards. Anne is an outstanding coach, I’ll be feeling the joyful benefits from working with her for years to come.


I came across Lifespark Coaching very much by chance and I am so glad I did. I had come to a crossroads in my career and Anne’s practical exercises allowed me to focus on finding what was truly important to me in order to achieve my goal. I consider myself well organised, full of energy, positive, with a great outlook on life. I knew exactly where I wanted to go, however I didn’t know how to get there!

My sessions with Anne uncovered areas of self-doubt which were hindering my way forward and with her help I was able to avoid these and set a clear and tangible goal to focus on. Anne’s work created an environment where I could identify what was fundamentally important to me in all areas of my life and how to base decisions on those “drivers” found at a more subconscious level, all of which I had never fully understood before.

If that sounds difficult to grasp, rest assured. Anne’s friendly, professional manner made the sessions enjoyable, easy to understand and dare I say fun! She explained the process and the aim of each session thoroughly and discussed the results in a way that made complete sense. I will continue to practice the work Anne introduced to me, as I now believe it to be an invaluable asset to modern day living.

Thank you Anne for your help with my future professional and personal decision making process, all of which continues to support my better and more fulfilled life.  

The rewards from working with Anne are much greater than you can imagine!


I gained so much more from my coaching sessions with Anne than I ever thought possible. I found it amazing how working on one area impacted so many other areas of my life for the better. Anne is very understanding and non-judgemental and I felt safe in being honest and saying whatever was on my mind. I felt supported and guided and have a much clearer path through to getting things done than I ever would have done alone.


Anne is a perceptive and thoughtful coach. 

She listens compassionately and non- judgementally and then enables me to find new ways of thinking and behaving that work better for me. I love that she is able to be gentle, empathetic and slow-paced as well as direct and ‘let’s get to the point’ when necessary.

Her own recovery from chronic fatigue gives her invaluable experience and her real belief in recovery is apparent.

She is great at championing me, giving congratulations for each step I take, and encouragement when I struggle. 


A speculative email and a meeting with Anne was the best thing I’ve done in a long time. Emotionally and practically I was in a rut and needed to talk to someone who would help me reach decisions that I’ve previously been too afraid to make. Anne did this through challenging and practical exercises and helping me to understand my thinking. It was a breath of fresh air. She helped me to understand what is important to me and to embrace opportunity, to remove some of the barriers I thought I couldn’t overcome and yes I definitely got my mojo back.


I am so grateful to Anne.  In such a short space of time, she seemed to help me open up the ceiling above my head and allow me to see my potential.  She made me see how to prioritise things in my life, and as a result make the time and head space I needed to start to define my life goal, tease out my skill set and start to change my mindset about my business so I could develop it.  I trusted Anne, and felt I could open up to her and be honest about things.  I looked forward to the sessions we had and where they might take me, and was always amazed at the progress and outcome. 


Anne has been brilliant. I was at a point where life had become a little overwhelming. After a sudden bereavement I knew I wasn’t coping particularly well and realised it would be a good idea to talk to someone. Making the decision to contact Anne was not an easy one but I am so glad I did. During our sessions, Anne gave me the opportunity to talk through the feelings that were so hard to deal with. She offers a warm, welcoming space where you talk at your own pace. It brought a sense of calm back into my life and gave me time to think for myself. Anne made suggestions to help improve my wellbeing, small achievable steps forward after a very difficult year. I’m so glad I got in touch and I’m already planning another visit.


Anne turned my problems into manageable step by step weekly tasks with just enough encouragement to help me achieve the final goal we had set. With her support I learnt how to manage and cope with obstacles in my life. She made me believe in myself.


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