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Choosing Your ME / CFS and Fibromyalgia Support Practitioner

I know from experience that it can be really frustrating to deal with multiple health practitioners without seeing any tangible results, and it can be a big drain on your energy, your pocket, and your hope. So just how do you find the one that can help you successfully navigate your journey with ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia?

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Here are some key questions to ask, to make sure you get the best support, advice and value for money from your practitioner:

  • Do you have an accreditation or qualification specifically in ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia Recovery?

  • Can you explain exactly what is causing so many symptoms in my body?

  • Do you have a step-by-step system or recovery plan that can be tailored to my needs?

  • Do you offer support between sessions?

  • Can I access chronic illness support resources 24/7?

  • Do you have a clear map of where I am in the recovery process?

  • Do you know which therapies will help me, and which will make me feel worse?

  • Do you have tools to assess and review my progress?

  • Would I have access to other people who are recovering too?

  • Do you have a clear, up-front pricing structure for my recovery plan?

  • Do you offer the opportunity to spread the costs of on-going support?

  • How much contact would I have with those who have completely recovered?

  • Are you able to work with people who are not yet well enough to travel or who live too far away?


How I Work

As an accredited Chrysalis Effect Practitioner and Wellbeing Coach, I provide one-to-one sessions that support and guide you in your journey towards recovery. This is not a ‘quick fix’ or ‘magic cure’ to solve the condition, and it is not intended to just patch up the symptoms. It is a tried and tested process that bit by bit helps you to identify the fundamental causes of the illness for you, and how you can address these to get back to full, vibrant health. Here’s how I work:

  • Together we will establish which of the six phases of the illness you are currently in

  • I use a holistic approach to help you address the eight areas that are essential to regaining your health

  • I work in conjunction with The Chrysalis Effect online programme, which is designed to guide you through the steps to recovery and I can tailor the online programme to meet your specific needs

  • I use a blend of coaching, mentoring, and guided visualisation

  • I work with a team of specialist practitioners, so that if you have a specific need, we can identify together if and when it would be appropriate to refer you to one of these experts. These include a Nutritionist, Kinesiologist, Reflexologist, Hypnotherapist, Perrin technique practitioner and many more

  • I work over Zoom (video-chat - this is the most popular option), and over the phone, or, if you prefer, face to face at my treatment rooms in Greenfield and Ampthill (Bedfordshire).

I offer a free 30 minute personal consultation, then if you decide to work with me, pricing is as follows:

  • £85 per one-hour session

  • £75 per one-hour session when you sign up to a six session package of care. Total price for six sessions is therefore £450

  • £70 per one-hour session when you sign up to a 12 session package of care. Total price for 12 sessions is therefore £840

So how do you get started?

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Request Your Free Health Profile Review Using the Form Below:

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Why I do what I do

In 2012 I fell ill with a virus and just didn’t get better. I was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), otherwise known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I spent almost six years battling with the many disabling and baffling symptoms, including chronic exhaustion and brain fog, and was often bedbound and unable to work.

As a very driven career woman, this was immensely frustrating, but luckily I found a recovery programme which allowed me to recover my health. Then in 2017 I retrained as a Wellbeing Coach and ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia Recovery Practitioner in order to help other people struggling with these conditions so they can participate fully in life again.

Anne Bryant looking very ill during ME CFS crash

"Bit tired, are you?"

I can’t tell you how many times someone with no understanding of ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia would ask me this well-meaning question, and I would be left seething with rage and feeling hopeless that no one could even start to comprehend the huge range of baffling and debilitating symptoms that had become my ‘normal’.

Through my own recovery, I started to understand how and why the body creates all these symptoms, and how an overwhelmed autonomic nervous system can trigger a sort of domino effect impacting many of the body’s main systems. Understanding all of this is the first step in building a pathway to recovery.

Anne Bryant in a forest with a red top on - Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Practitioner