Do You Want to Become Stress Resilient?

You will always encounter things in life that cause you stress, but if you want to change your relationship with stress and create more calm in your life then stress resilience coaching may be for you.

This coaching package is designed to help you:

a yellow-leafed tree stands in a mirror-calm lake - how to become stress resilient
  • Take back control of your stress response

  • Have strategies to switch off from work and other stressful environments and circumstances

  • Find balance in your life

  • Be clear on your own needs and how to successfully articulate them

  • Feel calm

  • Enjoy better health and wellbeing

What Does this Coaching Package Include?

Want To Get Started?

If it sounds like this is for you, and you would like to get started, please complete and submit the form below, and I will contact you to arrange our first session together.

I work face to face at my treatment rooms in Greenfield and Ampthill (Bedfordshire), over Zoom (video-chat - this is the most popular option), and over the phone.

Package pricing is as follows:

Stress Resilience Coaching Pricing Packages
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Please quote 'Tune-Up' if you would like the 4 session package, or 'Deep Dive' if opting for the 8 session package